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Google Music update + Music store launch

Google Music

Dear Music Beta user,

We’re excited to announce that Music Beta by Google is officially graduating from beta today! Google Music will remain a free service, and you can continue to store up to 20,000 songs in your personal music library. Please see the revised Terms of Service for this product update.

Music on Android Market

Google Music also comes with a number of new features. We’ve launched a new music store on Android Market that works seamlessly with Google Music. Shop on the web or your Android device for millions of tracks and hundreds of free songs for your music library. All of your purchases are automatically stored on Google Music for free (and don’t count toward your 20,000 song limit). You can even share a free full play of any purchase with your friends on Google+.

For Google Music users with Android phones and tablets running version 2.2+, you will automatically receive an updated version of Android Market with the music store over the next few days. You should also receive a system notification with the Music app update sometime today, but you can always download it immediately. Google Music App

Check out our new music store on Android Market today and start growing your Google Music library.

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We’re featuring some amazing FREE tracks from our artist launch partners:

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Exclusive live 1973 concert


Live, Remixed, and Exclusive
Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

Exclusive new single

— The Google Music Team

© 2011 Google Inc.
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Mountain View, CA 94043


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