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DMCA Takedown Notice

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What happened to 3G, when Airtel launched 4G in Bangalore

This morning, I found out that Airtel finally launched it’s 4G service in Bangalore. To begin with, the service is mainly available only on the iPhone 5s & 5c. According to ET, this is the speed they got:

 A trial version of 4G-LTE network that ET experienced in Bangalore was gave download speed of about 7.2 MBPS, versus a 2.2 MBPS in a 3G network. 

I am sorry, but I call that bullshit. I used to get almost 7 MBPS with my existing 3G. So basically they throttled the 3G speeds to make it seem that the 4G is faster. Here’s my speedtest:


Sure there are folks who will argue that it’s not all about speed, and that one should consider the ping times as well. That really doesn’t matter to the average folk.

The only saving grace here, is that existing 3G users will be able to use 4G at no additional cost.  I currently pay Rs. 650 for 8GB of data. According to TOI, new plans will start at Rs. 1500 for 10GB. Mind you, Airtel caps the speed at 10MBPS.

Way to go Airtel. Your dick moves never cease to amaze me.