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The Most Interesting Man in the World Requires Your Help


Greetings, friends.

I have no time for small talk. I request your help.

I was finishing up a circumnavigation of the globe, looking for more precious artifacts for my Private Collection. Unfortunately, my cargo plane??encountered disastrous mechanical trouble. I made the kind of split-second decision a man should be known for, gathered all of my priceless artifacts and parachuted them to safety, one by one.

Now my countless treasures are spread out across the entire North American continent. As I cannot dedicate the time to track down every single one, I require your help to find them. My friends at Dos Equis have organized a formal search at But in order to reach you, my Facebook acquaintances, they have created a portable guide, something they say is called a "tab,??? on the Dos Equis page. I have no idea what this is but am told it will aid you considerably in this endeavor – not only in acquiring artifacts, but keeping tabs on your fellow Cargo Hunters.

May I also point out that I have decided to recruit the top Cargo Hunters??for a position on the ultimate adventure in Mexico (to help me discover??new artifacts). So, there's that.

I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your excellence.

Stay Thirsty, my friends.

DosEquis – Cargo Hunt


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